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Mrs McDonald, 13 Jun 2018

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Spring and Summer has been full of sport filled fun for the whole school!

Our nursery children have had lots of fun in PE with Mr Pearson practicing their football skills, learning ball control and other skills that they need to make fantastic footballers! Not only does nursery make great footballers, they also make superstar gymnasts. They’ve been practicing their balancing skills- it’s safe to say that they’re a pretty sturdy class!

Our reception class have been lucky enough to explore the great outdoors with Mrs Foster with Forest School. The children have been braving the elements and were able to hunt mini beasts, clay modelling, mud painting and exploring. The children (and the teachers) absolutely loved it!

Year one had the perfect preparation for sports day in Summer term. They learnt all about athletics and competed in competitive action against one another in their house teams! Congratulations to Bold who narrowly came out on top of the pile!

Our year 2 super movers have been busy making learning about punctuation super fun by keeping active in the classroom. Year 2 and 3 have had some amazing outdoor learning sessions showing off their orienteering skills and ended their sessions with an intra-school competition. Congratulations to Sutton Manor for their victory and well done to the other houses that came extremely close. 

They have also been busy being Parish explorers, Mrs McDonald and the rest of the staff happily set the field up on a Saturday morning for the children to participate in a range of fun and active activities with parents, teachers and children. Well done to everyone who made the effort.

Year 3 were given the opportunity to explore the outdoors with Active Hope. There was lots of fun to be had den building and bread making!  They have also made the short trip to the Totally Wicked Stadium- the home of Saints where they were given a tour of the stadium and were also able to play some rugby thanks to SkyTry! 

There were also a selection of girls in year 3 who did extremely well in the St Helens school football tournament as well as a truly epic cricket competition with year 2!

We have lots of talented sportspeople in year 4 with 3 children participating in the later stages of the St Helens school boys’ football team trials. Everyone at Parish will be giving them lots of support in the next round! The super-movers theme has also spread to year 4 who have been learning all of their times tables while staying fit and active! Who said Maths can’t be fun? 

Our year 5 class have been showing off their orienteering skills with active hope. They showed excellent teamwork and map reading skills to complete challenges successfully. There are some very talented cheerleaders in year 5 with 2 of our children travelling far and wide to compete in competitions and being extremely successful. Keep making Parish proud!

As well as all of these amazing sporting achievements Y5 have also been working on their cricket skills with Mr Pearson. It will be really interesting to see how much they improve and how competitive it can get!

The amazing year 6 have been exceptionally hard at work preparing for their SATS but still managed to take a well-earned “break”, taking part in an exercise drill to get their new English focus text ‘Holes’ off to a flier. English work is always fun-filled in Y6!

Year 6 have enjoyed their PE topic with Mr Pearson this half term! They’ve been practicing their gymnastic skills and have learned lots of new terminology like balance, core strength and travelling. The topic came to a wonderful ending when the children were able to choreograph and perform the routines they had been working very hard on. Years 6 were not restricted to gymnastics though. They’ve also competed in intra-house basketball competitions, showing off their lay-up, dribbling and jump shot skills they’d been learning.

Not only do Y6 make great athletes, they’ve also been learning about the science of exercise and the benefits of a healthy body and a healthy mind. The children are aware of the short and long term changes that exercise has on our bodies such as; increased heart rate, perspiration and stamina. It has been really interesting to learn and test how our bodies change during and after exercise!

Our Parish University children have been busy with adventure service challenge. They managed to raise lots of money by getting active and completing a sponsored walk alongside teachers, parents and friends. A huge well done to everyone who participated! Our very lucky year 3 and 4 children had the opportunity to stay over at Whitemoor Lakes where they were very active, participating in some amazing activities like archery, rock climbing and even Mr Hardy was involved having lots of fun on the zip wire. Needless to say everyone involved was very grateful to everyone who made the trip possible!

Our sports leaders and team captains delivered a fabulous assembly reminding the children about our sports kits and the important jobs our activity leaders have during lunchtime. The activities themselves have been a huge success and are very popular with the children. Keep up the great work sports leaders!

Finally, and most importantly- Sports Day.

We split Sports Day into two amazing sessions, KS1 had their sports day in the morning whilst KS2 competed in the afternoon. The children loved competing in their house teams and were able to try the daunting obstacle course, the tense egg and spoon race, the challenging skipping event and finally, a nail biting javelin experience.

It was extremely close…

But the eventual winners were… BOLD! Congratulations to everyone in Bold and a special mention to Sutton Manor who narrowly missed out in second place. A hue thank you to all of the staff involved and to the parents who had taken the time to support all of the children competing!

Events to look forward to: 

- Y5/6 QuadKids

-Parish Explorers outdoor celebration

- Y5 cricket competition

- Y5/6 High 5 netball

- Y6 Cricket competitions

- Y6 Rounders

- Festival of sport


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