Spring term at Parish!

Mrs McDonald, 22 May 2019

Find out about all of the exciting sporting activities that have been taking place at Parish during spring term!


Spring Term has been another exciting and sport filled term!

KS2 New Age Curling team was the start of our success. Competing against several schools our team came first, which promoted us to the regional competition where we will try to collect more medals. KS1 also participated in a New Age Curling competition and as a school we are very proud of their effort. 

Continuing with our competitive spirit, some children also took part in a gymnastics club which ended with a competition against schools from across the town. At this competition we were awarded for participating and the children are now eager to improve their skills and techniques further. A number of children are also taking part in gymnastics outside of schools and are regularly being awarded. 

Let’s get physical was also a success within KS1as a number of children from across the key stage participated in a weekly fitness class to improve and benefit their fitness, which will hopefully inspire and encourage children to continue with an active and healthy lifestyle.

The Year 5/6 football team continued their league campaign. They continue to do Parish proud and will continue to strive towards bringing us glory. 

During the spring term, children in KS2 had the opportunity to zone out and took part in a number of Yoga classes. This truly was a relaxing club. 

Another club run this term was Athletics. Children in this club are aspiring Olympians and they practiced their skills and techniques in a number of Olympic events. 

Continuing with tradition, our popular club Dance returned. Every Friday the children worked on their routines with external dance teachers and the ever-committed Mrs Hall who has really enjoyed working on the dances with the children. However, this term we also introduced an Irish Dancing club and a Theatre Royal Dance club. Both of these clubs have been a roaring success with all children involved making extreme progress over a short period of time. This has given some children the opportunity to perform on stage and some children have been invited to attend an external club to further progress in this field of dance. 

Parish Explorers have been busy with their fitness clubs, not to mention learning all about healthy lifestyles from Mrs Foster.  Children made healthy delicious snacks and took part in peer massage.  These Parish Explorers are looking forward to developing their forest school skills next half term.

The last extra-curricular club of this extremely busy term was Adventure Service Challenge. Our Parish University children have been very busy with Adventure Service Challenge. In a bid to raise lots of money, many children, teachers and parents completed the annual sponsored walk. Children involved with adventure service challenge have also been preparing for the upcoming camping trip. They learnt to pack a bag of necessities and have been involved with a lot of activities to improve their teamwork skills, which is essential in the sporting environment.  

To top off another incredible sporting term at Parish, we again celebrated our achievements in sport as this term our pupils definitely deserved some recognition. Mr Campbell and Mrs McDonald hosted our second Team Parish Sports Awards. We gave out certificates for those who attended clubs, picked teachers choice awards for achievement in sport and also celebrated some individual achievements such as fair play and top performance. All staff members also competed in a keepy ups challenge. Mr Campbell won the challenge achieving an amazing 100 consecutive keepy ups. We had a wonderful afternoon celebrating these fantastic achievements.

Striving forward with our sporting success, children at Parish are in for another busy term during the summer. Events to look forward to are; 

• Y6 celebration sports event

• Cricket All Stars

• Parkour

• Break dancing

• Sports Day

• Forest school

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