F/KS1 Primary Staff Inset - Fundamental Movement

Mrs Cormack, 16 Jan 2020

Primary staff inset delivered by Mr. Taylor.

 Wednesday 15th January 2020 – A great start to the Primary PE Inset program for 2020. Teachers from Leigham Primary, Eggbuckland Vale, Plympton St. Maurice and Widewell came along to Plympton Academy to work with Stuart Taylor (Director of Sport) to look at innovative ways of delivering Fundamental Movement at KS1. Working on the premise of identifying the final outcome (such as spinning out of a tackle in Rugby), Stuart unpicked the skills essential to being able to perform the spin successfully and reviewed the aspects that would need to be taught in order to get to this final point. Stuart got staff to think about games that they could play with their children to develop the physical literacy that will set them up to become competent performers in all aspects of physical activity. I think that I can speak for all who attended when I say that it was a fantastic session; Stuart’s depth of subject knowledge is second to none but he also has an incredible understanding of the challenges that teachers face in Primary Schools. On behalf of us all, thank you Stuart – if you want to do a follow up session, we’re in! 

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