Girls Football Centralised League (week 1)

Ela, 14 Jun 2024

Yesterday we played our first fixture in this year's Girls Football League

Girls Football Centralised League (week 1)

Our first match was against Baines Endowed Primary School. When we got started in the match the wind was powerful and this meant that it was hard to play because the ball kept going off the sides of the pitch. After about 10 minutes they scored the first goal. We recognised some of their players from our club football. 5 minutes later they scored another goal and then it was half time.

We huddled together and discussed our tactics. In the second half the rain appeared. Oh no! Half way through the game we began to have more chances. Eventually we got a corner. Evie crossed the ball and Grace tapped it in.

At the final whistle the result was 2v1 to  Baines. We're not disappointed , we're looking forward to the next game.

by Ela

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