School Games platinum award

Archie and Harry, 8 Nov 2018

For our amazing sports at Breck. The school has received a School Games Platinum award

School Games  platinum award

We are celabrating our outstanding commitment to sport at the school. We do lots of clubs  including football,hockey tag rugby,cricket,tennis and speed stacking .We also do outstanding P.E LIKE dancing,  athletics ,daily mile wich we will talk about later.We also provide a club called Wake and Shake.It allows parents that are in a rush to drop there kids off in the morning and dance and get them ready for the school day.We also do the  daily mile is arun we do to get us ready before P.E.

by archie and harry

 A huge thank you to all of the children whose hard work leading PE activities at Breck made such a difference in us achieving this award. Pupils at Breck help out every day , leading playtime activities,  taking charge of warm ups during PE lessons , leading/ officiating  matches at intra and inter school level as well as planning and  implementing improvements in  PE and School Sport .       

by Mr.Hesketh

Poulton-le-Fylde the Breck Primary School

We are a medium-sized primary school of 323 pupils. The staff are all committed to making a difference to everyone in our school community by promoting healthy and active lifestyles. We are a ‘get up and give it a go’ school that encourages participation by all, regardless of ability.

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