Year 4 Multi Skills Competition

archie and darcy, 20 Mar 2019

Last Friday a team from Year 4 visited Cardinal Allen High School to take part in a multi-skills/multi-sports Competition.

Year 4 Multi Skills Competition

Last Friday a team of Year 4 went  to visit Cardinal Allen High School   to take part in a multi skills fun day.   Those students were Zane ,Poppy,Alfie ,Lucas,Elonor,Willow,Ruby and  Kya.      We asked them how they got on...


What activities did you do ?

 We did basket ball target throwing and sitting down dodge ball .

Did you enjoy it? 

Yes we all enjoyed it very much .

What was your favorite sport ? 

Basketball and target throwing .

There were no practise aims allowed ,except  in basket ball and dodge ball .If we could we would go again we would .We hope next time there will be more activities such as football and tennis.

Welldone to every one who joined in.

by Archie and Darcy

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