Raeni (Year 6), 19 Dec 2017

Raeni was our school's highest attending student at extra curricular sports clubs last year, attending over 150 sessions. In this blog, Raeni discusses what passion means to her.


What is Passion?

Passion is an emotion. If you're passionate about something, you love it, your passion keeps you doing it .  It can help you get through a lot, whatever your passion is, it should always make you happy. My passion is sports. Passion isn't something that changes everyday. If i'm ever having a down day, I just want to do sports and when I do, it lets all the stress out of me and it goes away so I can enjoy my passion.

Why am I passionate about sports?

I am passionate about sports as it serves me entertainment and exercise, it does help with your emotions. I genuinely don't know why I love sports or why sports is my passion but I do know that my achievements make my mum so happy and makes her proud, but I don't do it for that, I am that passionate about sports that even if I stopped getting achievements, I would carry on.

How does the school help me?

The school is a massive help as it gives me loads of chances to show what I can do. I can do 7 clubs a week so it gives me loads of opportunities. Mr Forwood is a big inspiration, he is always positive. Every day at break, there is a basketball club for year 3 and above and then at lunch times there is a competition manager and sports leaders so there is a lot of chances for everyone. So the school is a massive help for me and it is to everyone who goes there.

From Raeni (Year 6)

Sports Council Treasurer 

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