Roman Hill's first flag-football fixture!

Mr Forwood, 13 Nov 2017

Roman Hill compete in their first ever flag-football fixture!

Roman Hill's first flag-football fixture!

For the first time in Roman hill's history, we competed in a flag American football fixture against woodland primary school. Roman hill has recently been working with local flag football British champions 'Waveney Wolves' and this game was our first chance to put our new skills to practice. This festival was touchdowns galore from both sides. It was also woodlands first attempt at hosting a flag football game, and their squads featured some students in year 4, who played incredibly well alongside some of our older students. The squads, captained by Oscar and Dexter, attempted to score by running or passing the ball into the End Zone after 4 downs. The game played moved backwards and forwards and our teams defended well and found success in attack. Despite the cold, frosty afternoon, sprits remained high. Hands will be warmed up and socks will dry, however, memories of our first flag football game will last for a very long time. At the end of the afternoon, woodland won two games 30-12 and 20-13 and Roman hill also won two games, 18-6 and 25-6. Thank you woodland primary and Waveney Wolves' Mat for refereeing!

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