Self Belief

Mia (Year 6), 5 Mar 2018

Mia describes the importance of self-belief in her life

Self Belief

Self Belief:

Self belief is an important aspect of everybody’s life. You have the choice of believing in yourself and achieving anything you want to, yes you’ll have struggles and you may give up, but to accomplish the things you dream of you need to keep going and you will eventually succeed.

Self belief comes in everything, little things like doing your homework and making your bed. Going to school will help you in later life :)

If you always tell yourself you’re stupid and you can’t do it, change the ‘can’t‘ do it yet and concentrate on the thing you’re struggling with . You would not be human if you didn’t have a single struggle in anything you do.

Why self belief comes into sport:

When coming to sport, self belief is very important. Imagine if you were about to score a goal in football and you stopped because you didn’t think you could do it. Well, one,  you should try your hardest even if you think you can’t do it and two, you shouldn’t even be thinking about not scoring as the point of every sports game in existence is to score and win. Remember, no one is perfect, you will not always score everytime in any sports game, it is likely that you will miss more shots than score!!!

luckily at my school, Roman Hill Primary School, we have an amazing PE Teacher Mr Forwood. Without Mr Forwood I wouldn’t be who I am today. I wouldn’t be as confident as I am and I wouldn’t dare take challenges and without the help of Mr Forwood I wouldn’t know self belief. We always need someone to boost our confidence.

One of my experiences using self belief  was in a basketball match. We had been doing a basketball season at the time and my team made it to the finals. We were against a very good team. It was intense. You wouldn’t believe how many times I toppled over and got hurt and you wouldn’t believe how many times Mr Forwood told me I could stop playing*, but I carried on because I believed I could do it even if I had to go out of my limits. My team may not have won that match but I was so proud of myself and my team for trying our hardest!!!

Mia (Year Six)

Sports Council Secretary 

2016/17 Most Improved Sportswomen 

* In the game Mia mentioned, I have never witnessed a game played at such a pace and intensity as this one. Mia found herself in several incidents which most people would be greatful for a minute or two to recover. Mia’s self belief and determination was incredible, and although she was clearly pushing herself through discomfort, I could see it was important for her to finish! Something we can all learn from. Well done Mia. (Mr Forwood)

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