Ms Phillips, 7 Nov 2017

This term children have been learning dance.


This half term the children got the chance to show of their artistic side. Within p.e lessons all  classes got to research  and listen to different genres of music and create different movements to form their very own dances.  Being that we were celebrating Black History Month at the same time the genres that were mostly used were: Reggae, Soca and Afro beats. 

The children got to work individually, in pairs and in groups. They all got the chance to create, lead and perform their very own dances to their class. After each performance their peers got to give them some constructive criticism so they could use the feedback to better their performances. 

All the children now know how to work in unison and how to make a dance routine using different techniques like: mirroring, canon ball, different levels and equipment. 

After this 1st half term it is clear to see that we have some exceptional dancers and choreographers amongst us. 

Well done Springfield! 

Springfield Community Primary School

We use a cooperative approach to support children from our rich and diverse community to achieve educational and personal success. We aim to prepare our children for the world by bringing the world into our classrooms and 'taking our classrooms out into the world'.

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