Year 5 and 6 Girls Football Competition

Gabriella, 31 Jan 2018

This was the second round of games for the girls football team.

Year 5 and 6 Girls Football Competition

The girls football team needed to get together again for the 2nd round of our football competition. We all were excited and couldn't wait to arrive at the venue. We were one of the first teams there, so we got to warm up. 

The first game started really well, because we were heading in the right direction and kept a close eye on the ball. We managed to score the first and only goal of the game. The game ended 1-nil to us. The second game felt like it would go in the same direction as the first. We had our strongest goal keeper in goal (Kailah) and she made some incredible saves. Sadly though, the opposing team was very talented and managed to get one goal in the back of our net. 

Our third and final game was the toughest game of them all. This team had fantastic team work and some really strong individuals. This did not phase us and we went out as a team ready to face them.  The 1st 3 minutes we were able to protect our goal and even managed to have a shot on target. However, we started to feel fatigued and they managed to score 3 goals by the final whistle. 

We all enjoyed ourselves and can not wait for our next round of games. 

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Gabriella (year5)

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