Year 5 and 6 Girls Football Competition

Gabriella, 19 Nov 2017

This was the league based preliminaries of the Primary Schools' Girls 5 a-side football competition. The competition is run under the auspices of The Hackney Schools' Athletic Association.

Year 5 and 6 Girls Football Competition

Year 5 and 6 girls represented Springfield in a competitive football competition. The competition was at Queensbridge Sports Centre. We aimed to go and show off our skills, as we had been training with Mr Javi at break times. The team was made up of six year 6 girls and  year 5 girls. 

When we got their we got to see all the other teams that were competing against us. There were 9 school, split into 2 leagues, 4 teams in one league and 5 in the other.  The first game was against Gayhurst. For most of the game the ball was in our possession. We accidentally took our eye of the ball and ended up loosing 1-nil. However, we decided as a team that we were not going to let this effect us and that we would go out much fiercer for the next game. 

The next game was against St. Dominics. Siobhan scored the only 2 goals of that game, meaning we won 2-nil. Our final game was against Grazebrook and we really wanted to win this last game. We were up by 1 goal and then, Siobhan kicked the ball into the goal from the half way line. We finished the game winning 2-nil. 

Good luck for the next round girls. 

Reported by Gabriella Mumbanga

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