Year 5 and 6 Gymnastic Competition

Aylin, 26 Nov 2017

Primary Advantage Competition

Year 5 and 6 Gymnastic Competition

Today a group of year 6 girls got to represent the school in a gymnastic competition. 

Ms Phillips taught us our individual floor routines and Siobhan taught us our group routine. We practiced every chance we got (before school, break, lunchtimes and after school). We worked really hard on our routines. On the day we had so much fun but we were super nervous. We had never competed in a school gymnastics competition before. We managed to get through all our routines successfully. 

When it came to listening to the final results, we all huddled together and nervously waited. We heard them announce third place and it wasn't us, then second and still no us, then finally 1st place and then our name. We came first. We were all super excited. We won a plaque for the school and it was a fantastic experience.

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