Year 5 and 6 Boys Football Competition

Leo, 22 Jan 2018

This was the 2nd league based preliminaries of the Primary Schools' Boys 5 a-side football competition. The competition is run under the auspices of The Hackney Schools' Athletic Association.

Year 5 and 6 Boys Football Competition

This was our second leg of the competition. We were all very excited to compete and had been counting down the time. I was selected as captain and as a team everyone was happy with that decision. 

We got their early s had time to go through positions and have a good warm up. When the other teams started to arrive, we all started to feel the pressure a little. We were currently sitting at the top of our league, so we all knew that the other teams were wanting to beat us. Our fisrt game was against Betty Layward. It was a tough game, just like our team they had a very talented goal keeper. This did not effect us at all, we ended up winning the game 2-nil.

Our second game was shortly after the first. We played against De Baviour and again just like the first game we managed to win 2-nil. We then had a really long wait. We started to get cold. We all hate waiting around. Finally, we got called onto the pitch. Our last game was against Parkwood. It was our toughest game of the night. The game ended nil-nil. 

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 Leo (Yr6)

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