Yr5 and 6 Girls Football (finals)

Ms phillips, 5 Nov 2018

They made it through to the Finals

The year 5 and 6 girls football team, made it through to the finals. On the day they all were excited and couldn't wait for the competition to start.  Seven  girls went and a goal keeper was selected.

These were 8 teams and  these teams were split into 2 equal leagues. All teams were to play 3 games ( all the teams in their league). The top team in both leagues were then meant to play in the finals. Springfield won their  1st two  games and drew their last game. This meant that they had the same amount of points as another team in the league. The referee decided that the best way to decide which team would go through to the finals would be to toss a coin. Even though we thought this was unfair, the girls took the desicion so maturely. They lost the toss. However they shook the opposing teams hands and the referees hands. They didn't agree with the decision but showed grace and dignitiy. The girls ended up placing 3rd. 


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