Miss Kiely, 16 Jul 2019

year 4 dodgeball


In the dodge ball competition we had 3 teams in each class going against each other. There was a scoring system where you get 3 points for a win and 2 points for a draw. The team I was on was called A1 in 4CU achieved 7 points unfortunately we didn't win but we was happy for B1 who play A2 in 4VN. In one the games played , we had a tactic to not get the ball first. This meant we put our focus into catching their balls and get them out that way. If the balls went far away, we focused on side stepping and not turning our backs to ensure we didn't get hit. I really enjoyed it as the games were fair and we shook the hands with the opposing team as well as lots of encouragement. So B1 and A2 were in the final, with B1 in 4CU winning all their games, it was going to be tough for 4VN. In the last game to decide the winner, we did a lot of running in the 3 minutes and we were all beginning to feel tired but knowing everyone was cheering us on, we tried our best. With 30 seconds to go, it was 3 people vs 3 people but Olivier caught a ball from the opposing team causing that person to go out and 4CU to win when the whistle went. It felt amazing and glorious. 

By Arthur, Olivier and Cleverly

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