Girls Football Competition

Miss Kiely, 11 Dec 2019

Girls victorious football tournament.

Girls Football Competition


During the Girls Football Competition: Sian, Me, Aisha, Emily, Mary, Zuzia, Klaudia, Amelia, Camila, Anabelle went to the competition. First, we began to warm up so we energized ourselves as well as to go over our formation for the games. We began to jog on the spot, sprint and practiced on our shooting and passing to make sure that we were comfortable with the ball and our coordination was good. Are first games was displayed as 1-0 which we were very happy about considering it was the first game of the day, then are second game was 2-0, our third game was 2-0. Our fourth game was 3-0 putting us at the top since we were undefeated. We had to make sure we didn’t get overconfident at this point since there was still one more game to play and we didn’t want to lose now after everything we just accomplished. 

Our final match was 3-0 the best game out of the lot since we were constantly on the attack not letting the other team have a chance to even counter, this was seen through the fact that they weren’t able to pass the halfway line towards our goal. After the reward ceremony teams were given medals for 1st 2nd and 3rd, we were awarded first place and each of us got a gold medal and were congratulated but also there was a team that got an award for showing the most resilience, persistence team work and so on in their games, this was awarded by each team nominating another team who they think did this and the one with the most nominations won.

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