Gymnastic Competition Y5

Miss Kiely, 24 May 2019

5SM AND 5DK compete for the gymnastics trophy

Gymnastic Competition Y5


These last few weeks, both year 5 classes have been rehearsing and practising for the grand gymnastics competition. We have been working on four skills, flight, apparatus, balance and symmetry. On the 24th of May 2019 we had the competition, all of us felt competitive against each other. The two sports ambassadors of the school (Isabella and Kevin in year 6) judged us based on our routines. In 3rd place was team ten (Ksawery, Niko and Vanessa). In second place was team 8 – Filip, Julia and Natalia. Finally, in 1st place was team 2-Aisha, Paris, Serguiusz and Laura. All the winners were in 5DK and we were all proud of ourselves. 

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