Hockey Competition

Miss Kiely, 11 Dec 2019

year 6 hockey tournament

Hockey Competition


When we went to the hockey tournament we went against many skilful teams and had an amazing time there. Our team was Oliver N, Harry, Tyler, Sian, Klaudia, Sabin, Emily, Kethmi, Sergiuz and so on. We all played very well almost coming 3rd and 4th place for the final scorings. We saw this as a win since the people we played against were very good at working as a team and performed on the day, but our team tried their best and did everything that we learnt in our hockey PE lessons which was most important. We had so much fun laughing and joking on and off the pitch making it a very enjoyable time. Since we never lost any matches but we drew quite a few which was a very big improvement since we haven’t been playing hockey for that long, this kept our spirits up on the day since a lost would’ve made us upset affecting the way we played. Even though we didn’t win our matches we kept trying and pushing through each game till the whistle went, throughout the tournament we congratulated each team that we played against for playing so well since it not an easy sport to play well but stuck to it and worked as a team having good coordination and team spirit. 

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