Indoor athletics competition 24.01.2019

Miss Kiely, 14 Feb 2019

On Thursday, our school­­­ -S.t John Fisher-went to the athletics tournament.

 We trained extremely hard with the coaches(Boom Sports ) and with our teachers during PE.  At the tournament, we were against lots of different schools , which were very hard to beat. Even though the schools were hard to beat we still tried our best to win. The competition had lots of different activities for example vertical jump, long jump, chest throw, javelin , speed jump and lots of interesting races. At last, we came 6th but we were still proud of ourselves. The people who participated in the tournament were Ksawery, Mark, Joshua, Krys, Klaudia, Max, Emilia, Daniel, Zuzia, Arabell, Tyler, Hannah C , Nell, Nathaniel,Hannah A,Mateus, Jessica ,Niko and Olivia.It was fun and we hope we will go again.

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