Netball competition

Miss Kiely, 6 Nov 2019

Year 5 and 6 netball competition.

To prepare for our netball competition, we went to netball club on Wednesday morning with Ms. Urbanski and we also did netball in PE lessons.

 Before the competition we warmed our bodies up so that we were stretched up properly. We did bum kicks and we jogged. As well as that we were doing side walk and cross overs. Then we were ready for action. During the netball competition, we used the six spirits to make our team a better team and to be respectful to the other players. We won the first match and we were very proud of ourselves but we were respectful to the other team. 

We did the competition very well and our whole team were proud of team A and team B. In our second game we were very confident as we knew that we will this match. We didn’t win this match but we drew with the other team. At least we used teamwork and we tried our best. The next match we lost but we were not disappointed as the other team said that we played very well. The A and B team won second place medals and we were very proud of ourselves and so was our school.

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