tennis competition

Miss Kiely, 28 Jun 2019

tennis year and 4

tennis competition

 At the tennis competition we first started on a clay course bouncing the ball in a hoop then we finished it with our partner and we went onto the other side to bounce the ball up into the hoop  with our partner to see which school bounced it more in the hoop.  Later on, we went on to the next exercise where you had to hold the ball on your racket and go through a course of obstacles with your team. When it had finished, we went onto the other side of the court to test our speed against the other team who had the ball on their racket and we had to take as much balls from their racket and put on ours. Then they did the same and we both did very well. We waited for others schools to finish their activities then we went to the dome to do duo matches against other schools to see who won the indoor challenges. After an hour had finished, we went to eat our lunch then after that we went to do the last exercise where they tested our accuracy. We had to hit the ball into the goal with the racket in order to get points for the outdoor challenge, after we had finished all of our challenges  we sat down to get the medals and we got 2nd . They thanked and congratulated us and other schools. They also thanked a few other people like the Ealing tennis club and teachers and we went back to school.   ‚Äč 

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