year 4 basketball competition

Miss Kiely, 9 Jan 2019

Year 4 Basketball. We were learning to play basketball before Christmas and this week we played a competition.

year 4 basketball competition


Darcy 4VN

Today I played basketball and we worked in teams a scored points. I was representing 4VN and played in a group of 6 people, I was group 2. We played against 4VN group 2 and group 3. My team lost the first game 2-1 but drew 2-2 in the second game. At the end, we shook hands and said 'good game.' In the end 4CU won. We really enjoyed it. 

Priayavan 4CU 

Today was the day for year 4s to go head to head. Today was the basketball tournament. Who will win? Is it 4VN or 4CU? There for 4 groups for each class, everyone got at least 1 practice round and 2 rounds of real game time. It was exciting and it was pretty neck in neck but once all the scores had been tallied it was a tie! However there was one more game to play. 4VN finished on 12 points. What about 4CU? Did they get more points? They did! in the end it was 13-12 to 4CU. We spoke about a player of the match from the other classes and shook each other's hands. They won last term in Hockey but we took the victory in basketball. ‚Äč

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