Year 5 and 6 Basketball competition

Miss Kiely, 23 Apr 2019

We attended the year 5 and 6 Basketball competition at Alec Reed Academy.


Before the splendid tournament, we had to train to beat the best teams In Ealing. The people we trained well however we think we were the best because we got nominated (the B team) for our teamwork and resilience. The people we trained with were Ben, Miss Kiely and Pep who trained us a bit. We trained through lunch, P.E and at home however don’t forget that we also trained at the tournament. We went with Miss Kiely, Marcel, Oliver N, Yahya, Aisha, Maria, Mateus, Krysh, Zuza, Josh, Kamil, Sabin, and Klaudia.

Before the tournament, we had to wait in the front of the gates and wait for our guidance, Miss Kiely. When we went into Alec Reed Academy, we were greeted by the hosts, London United and Mark/Mr Needham. Our team, (B team) was all feeling nervous however when we played our first match, everyone was confident. There was also three teams, the A team and also the C team.

the A team came 3rd. the B team came 2nd and the C team came 1st in their group. we all won medals and we were all really happy with our performance. we also won the spirit of the games certificate. 

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