Year 5 and 6 Emerging Football

Miss Kiely, 6 Dec 2018

year 5 and 6

Year 5 and 6 Emerging Football


On Thursday we went to a football tournament in William Perkins. In the year 5 team we had Marcel , Phillips , Mateus , Max , Tyler , Oliver N and Ksawery .Our year 6 were Kamil , Sameul , Mark, Timi , Darek , Josh, Patryk and Krish. On our first match we lost 2 nil from 1 own goal but not the second goal. However, our next match was better as we won it. In that match Max scored goal of the day and Ksawery went for a bicycle kick but he missed the ball. In the next match Ksawery scored a banging header. In the semi-finals we scored 2 goals and that moment was amazing because we went through to the finals. In that match we won 1 to 0 with Mateus scoring a goal in the penalty box. The other reason we won was because Pep trained us so hard he led us to victory.

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