Year 5 and 6 Hockey Tournament

Miss Kiely, 6 Dec 2018

This year, year 6 and 5 attended a hockey tournament run by Willow Tree SSP. We were so pleased to hear that there was a hockey tournament being held. All the players that were picked to go to the hockey tournament were so happy to hear that they were going. Therefore, we practiced and got ready for the competition.

Year 5 and 6 Hockey Tournament

  When we arrived at Alec Reed Academy (were the tournament was held) we warmed up and went through the strategies, positions and the rules of the game. Also, during that time our coach went through the skills; team defense, Indian dribble, self-defense passing and shooting. Then the referees and the Ealing hockey leader went through the rule more deeply and thoroughly. The first game was played the year fives which they won. Whilst they were playing, we watched the other teams, so we could find who to stay on and their weaknesses. Straight after the year fives played, we played our match as well as them playing a continuous, match. At the end of each the Y5 won their match and then we drew our match. Although, the Y5 did lose some of their matches they won 3, lost 2 and drew 1, which in my opinion is really good. The Y6 also did really good they won 4, lost 1 and drew 1. The position that the teams came in were phenomenal, the year 6 came in 2nd place and the year 5 came 3rd place.  


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