Year 6 intra-competition

Miss Kiely, 6 Dec 2018

This year both year sixes had held a school hockey tournament against each other in the school grounds. This tournament was not only to win a shake hands with each other but also to show skill, determination and respect. All our games had these qualities and mostly respect. Even though some teams did lose some of their games they still shook hands and said” Good game”.

Now the real game. Starting off we had twelve teams in total; each team having seven matches to play with. Everyone had fun during playing the games and enjoyed showing and using their ability and skill towards hockey. Whilst the teams were playing their matches, teachers and the student referees noticed a lot of determination and respect being shown at the end of all matches. All teams had a great experience of playing hockey versing one another. Also, all the referees who had refereed the matches did a great job of watching out for skill, determination and respect. The referees did good by helping the teams and players play properly and making them go higher and higher to achieve their goal to become more then what they thought they could be.

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