Curling competition won by ST MARYS FIELDS

Kristaps, Sam and Jasper, 14 Feb 2020

Inter school curling competition for disabled children in Leicestershire

Curling competition won by ST MARYS FIELDS
We surprisingly won even though we had never played the game before. A group of 6 young children  from St Marys fields primary school took part in this amazing experience. We won all 5 games against different schools . We were so proud of ourselves to make to the semi-finals and won that match 4-1. In the finals we were against Beaumont Lodge we won 4-0. The winners were St Marys fields who will go through to represent West Leicester City in the county finals.
" I was so pleased when I found out we were in the finals ."said Sam .
" I was shocked to win the competition "said Kristaps. 

            "I couldn't believe that we won because I had never played before" Jasper said.

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