Active Lunchtime

Jamie, 14 Jun 2018

We have been trying to get children more active at lunchtime.

We have had a marvellous sport coach come into school on a lunchtime to help us improve our hockey skills. We have done this because we feel our school like to do lots of different sports. Lots of children enjoy playing mini-matches, they give it their all to win. Even if they lose they don't go off in a mood and fall out with each other. They show good team spirit and congratulate each other. We think of the school games values.  We are thankful that we have lots to keep us active at lunchtimme. We are looking forward to going to tournaments and hopefully winning. Maybe we have some children who could be professional players.

St Paul's Roman Catholic Primary School

St Paul's RC primary school Billingham is committed to providing good sporting opportunities for all children.

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