Livvie Gracie and Lauren, 14 Mar 2019

This week we have been thinking about competition and how important it is.


At St Paul's we believe that competitions are vital. In fact we thrive on them. They benefit us in so many ways. They are good for our health and well-being but they also help us in all aspects of school life. They make things a touch more exciting.

We believe that entering competitions against other schools helps us to improve our communication skills. We are proud of each other and proud of our school. It improves our teamwork and helps us to think about the school games values. 

We are proud to be part of it winning is a bonus.

We take part in competitions in our school not just against other schools. Our PE Leaders run lots of Level 1 competitions on lunchtimes. Here we get to choose our own teams and compete against our friends. It is great fun and helps us when we compete against other schools. We also have competitions in our teams during lessons. We all worked together to design a banner showing the school games values for sports week. At the end of the year the winning team get to go to GO Climb we all work together to try and win this.

We also compete against ourselves we call these our personal challenges. We have lots of personal challenges to take part in : skipping, hula hooping, star jumps. Competitions help us improve they challenge us and they are fun!


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