Cross Country Stockton Final

Kian, 14 Jun 2018

We are now excited for the Tees Valley Finals

Cross Country Stockton Final

At the cross country Stockton Finals the weather was dreadful. It was the muddiest cross country I have ever participated in , but everyone enjoyed it.

We warmed up and were ready to go. We started with the Year 3 and 4 race

"I am nervous but excited" said Archie.

It was a good race to watch and two of our children made it through to the Tees Valley Finals, fantastic. The Year 5 race was really fast and by now the mud was getting sloppy. We watched as Deacon and Jacob fought for 4th and 5th place. What a result another 2 through to the finals. The Year 6 race was quite far, they had to do 4 laps. Millie won a bronze medal and I was happy to get through also. Six qualified for the Tees Valley finals.  

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