Fantastic win for St Paul's football

Polly, Imogen and Livvie Sports Reporters, 30 Jan 2018

What an enjoyable afternoon of football at the School games competition.

Fantastic win for St Paul's football

Billingham Girls' football tournament.

Wrapped up and warm for the cold afternoon the team were excited yet nervous.We strided with pride in our new kits, as we walked to the football pitches. We all warmed up and did some shooting drills, looking around at the opposition who were also practising before the first games. Then Mr Sheahan (competition manager) gathered the teams together and explained the rules and how the competition was going to flow.

" I really hope we win,but if we don't we will just keep our heads held high and try our best" said Emillia (team captain).

Then it was time for the first game. We were on pitch 1 and playing against St Joseph's. St Joseph's had alot of attempts at scoring, but our defenders kept them away. Millie took a shot but didn't manage to score we kept heads up high and we wondered how this was going to end. In the last minute when all hope was lost Millie took a strong powerful shot and scored the winning goal! 1-0 to us , victory. As we celebrated we didn't forget to shake the oppostions hands. 

"I was very proud of the team ,we didn't let the other team put us off, I really enjoyed it". Millie

For the second game we moved to pitch 2 and our confidence was helping us. To begin with,  though we were a bit too confident and then had to concentrate . We also felt quite tired as we hadn't had a break.  We did not however give up. This time we played St John's. In the first 3 minutes Millie was on fire racing around and had a few shots. Finally she got the goal in the back of the net. Another 1-0 victory for St Paul's.

The third game was against Billingham South, they were very tall! We looked like we were going to get beaten. We played fantastic and scored 5 goals, Neve got her first goal of the tournament and Millie managed 4 unbelievable!!

" So proud we did so well" Neve

The last game of this round was our most difficult. This was against Pentland and they had very good tactics and skills.. Each player knew what they had to do. We didn't manage a goal but neither  did they and 0-0 was the result.Great defence from our team. We were through to the semi-final ! 

Nerves got the better of us at first and there was some risky passes. Roseberry were a good team but we managed to get the only goal and our 1-0 victory saw us through to the FINALS!!!!!!!!

Excited we had some fresh oranges to give us energy and a team talk. Bewley were against us but we were determined. The whistle blew for full-time and we had done it 1-0. St Paul's through to the Stockton Finals what an achievement.

I am so proud of our team, they are a great group of children who show great team spirit. They have supported each other. They are what schoolgame s is about showing : teamwork, honesty, self belief, determination, passion and respect". Mrs Tattersdill (PE Leader).

Bring on the finals.

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