Harry, 14 Feb 2019

We had a great time keeping fit and having fun.


We were really looking forward to going to Hoopstarz in Stockton. I went with my friends and teachers. We saw other schools there which was good. We also learnt lots of moves and tricks. I really liked the Slinky and the 360 best. The best part about the morning was the cool tricks and the dancing. 

We also enjoyed the competitions and were cheering for our friends. Everyone from our school enjoyed it, even the teachers. When Mrs Tattersdill's hoop fell down in the competition she just laughed with the other teachers. My hula hoop fell a few times but I was pleased I could do the macarena and hula hoop!!We also worked with partners I worked with Jacob, we played air ships. We were tired when we got back to school and ready for our lunch. We had a great time.

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St Paul's RC primary school Billingham is committed to providing good sporting opportunities for all children.

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