Schoolgames Tag rugby

Ella Grainger, 17 Oct 2017

We entered into the spirit of the games and took the whole class to compete in tag rugby

Schoolgames Tag rugby

On Tuesday 3rd October St Paul’s (year 6) went to a tag rugby competition, we were very excited! The team work between members of each team was fantastic, the competition was very tough but our strategies worked well. Every team talked tactics and every team played well. Ella Grainger took some quotes from team players on the pitch, ‘Just do your best and that’s all we can ask for!’ (Ashley Barlow). Team 1 were doing extremely well. They had scored 2 tries and were winning. They had just pulled 2 tags in a row - WOW! Come on St Pauls we had all cheered. Team 1 had a draw. Team 2 were amazing and their tactics were amazing. The final score for team 2 were 3-1 to the other team. Everyone had enjoyed it so much. We had come 4th out of 23 teams!

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