Girls football match.

Hope Bevan and Dannielle Jones., 14 Dec 2017

A girls football match took place at EPSV (Ellesmere Port Sports Village). These are the match reports.

                                                                                     Girls only football match

  • 10am:    Elton        vs        St Saviours

                          0 Goals                0 Goals

  • 10:20am:    Norly CE        vs        St Saviours       

                                  1 Goal                             0 Goals 

  • 10:50am:    Sutton Green        vs        St Saviours

                                      2 Goals                       0 Goals



  • 11:30am:    Our Ladies        vs        St Saviours

                                  5 Goals                               0 Goals


                                                                                      St Saviours came 5th altogether.

St Saviours didn't do amazingly, but they tried and had fun. It was great to see everybody getting involved and trying their best. 

We are hoping to have more matches in the future so it would be great if you can come to compete in it. 

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