Tag rugby

Dennis Mulville, 17 Nov 2017

On Friday 10th November 2017, the year 5/6 tag rugby team went to a tag rugby competition in the EPSV. Here is what happened.


Before the competition, Mr Massey (the tag rugby teacher after school) helped the team  to practice and work together as a team. Mr Miller took them to the match and helped them to perform their best by cheering them on throughout. In total they had 7 points and so were close to a 4th/3rd. In the end, they finished 5th out of 6 by 2 point. The team worked recalled hard and if only they had scored another try in one of the games they would have been 4th and would have nearly got a bronze. They were quite unlucky so hopefully next time they will have lots of luck and score lots of tries. Keep up all your hard work team! A final extra well done to Anthony and Joe who both got 1 try each.

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