London Youth Games - Girls Football

Valissya, 21 Mar 2018

A report about the London Youth Games Girls Football Tournament written by a year 6 pupil

On Tuesday the 20th of March the girls football team made their way to the London Youth Games. It took us about a hour and a half to get to the field, where we were going to play. The first half of the tournament it was a nil nil draw, that was against BRO Southborough Primary. It was tough against them we could not get past them, so we basically kept getting tackled. Luckily we stopped them from scoring any goals. The second school we played we also drew. Unluckily when Kayla kicked the ball into the goal, the ball went towards the goalkeeper  so she had tapped it in a way that when the ball went in the goal only half the ball went in. So the referee said it did not count as a goal. We did not score any other goals but still stopped the other school from scoring. We were all chuffed, we had our head downs and started getting upset, but coach said he was proud of us that we even made it to the London youth games. Surprisingly we are by far the best team coach has ever had, when coach said that, it gave us a bit of a boost . We realised that if we win the last game we make it to the second half  and play the top teams which won all the matches against all the other Boroughs.The last match of the first half we did not score any goals and unluckily the other team did. We played against HGY Rhodes Avenue they had scored 2 goals. Luckily the referee did not see when Leanne (the goalkeeper) accidently brought the ball back into the goal so it was only just 2-0 to them. We were still angry and upset about the previous games, Coach said we still have a chance of getting at least 10th place. So at the end of the day we ended just playing for fun. We moved up to the second half. That is where we had to play against the lowest schools, the ones which didn’t win any of the previous matches which were happening all of a sudden we decided to shine and start playing properly. The first school we played was Brent St Robert Southwell we had scored 4 goals and the other school only scored 1, the first goal was an own goal, the second goal was scored by Kayla, the third goal was by Valissya, the last was by Ria. Coach was over the moon wondering how we were able to start shining and scoring. The second match we scored only one which was scored by Valissya, the school we played was Greenwich Hawksmoor. The last match we had to score then we would’ve been at least top ten, we were against Newham Calwen. Luckily we scored 2 goals, which gave us the opportunity to come 10th. Coach said to us at least we tried our best, hopefully the year 5 girls shine brighter than ever.

Proudly written by Valissya - 6M

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