Tag Ruby Tournament

Hugo and Francoise - Year 6, 18 Dec 2018

A report about Tag Rugby Tournament written by students

On Thursday 11th  of October , 10 people from the A team went to a tag rugby competition. This team included: Luciano, Mary- Jane, Brendan, Amelia P, Steven, Hugo,George H, Sinnit and Francoise. These are the results:

 St Vincents vs St Gregory's  5 : 1 LOST

St Vincents vs St Josephs 3 : 1 WON                                                   

St Vincents vs Alec Reed 2 : 2 Tie

It was a tight competition that we had to do 2 minutes extra with Alec Reed, however, we drew that match again but they still won and it was unfortunate that we lost.

B team

On the B team there was Elias, Shilo, Asher, Cristian, Levi, 

Layla, Mary, Catherine,Myles and Margo. This was a really tough match because we had a lot of year 6’s in the other teams and they obviously had lots of experience from the last competition and we had lots of year 5s.  It was a really fun experience for everyone but it was good that there were a lot of year 5s because next year we will win.  As a result ,we lost the competition and St. Gregory’s  successfully won the whole competition. However, we had a wonderful time and we couldn’t have done it without the amazing help of Mr Eales for the B team  and coach Brown for the A team!

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