Year 4 Tag Rugby Festival

Kasia - Year 4, 18 Dec 2018

A report about Tag Rugby written by students

Year 4 went to a Tag Rugby competition. We took the E3 bus to get to the destination and then we walked about 5 to 10 minutes.  As a warm up we practised our skills of throwing and our position when we are on field in the school called Fielding primary school. In the first match we lost 0-2 to Mount Camel, it was quite tough because they were good at dodging. Next we faced the players of the school that we were competing at-Fielding School and we won 1-0. I have to say they were good but we were better. Then we faced Holy Family B team, St Vincent's A team was shocked because when the match ended it was a tie!!!  After we played Our Lady and to be honest I thought this match will be hard but I think we had more training than them. We won this one 2-0. The next match was a tie 0-0, it was really tough with good players offside but the rest of the team was good but not lucky enough.Then we had to sit in our teams and the ref announced the semi finalists and the St Vincent’s A team was so happy to make the finals. In the semi finals we competed against Holy Family team A. It was so close but we lost 0-1. St Vincent’s got 3rd place and we were very proud.

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