Year 6 Netball Tournament

Luciano and George - Year 6, 18 Dec 2018

Netball tournament report written by students

The netball A team is George T, Luciano, Niki D, Layla, Ria, Chloe and Kuba Z.

The netball B team is Theo D, T-khai, Genieva, Lois, Julia, Mary and George H.

Both teams did amazing, A team did not lose and B team did not lose. The A team came first and the B team came first as well. The A team came first and won all their games, the B team won all their games except for the first one. The A team then went onto the Ealing Borough finals.

The A team fixtures were:

St Vincent's A - Down Manor A.

St Vincent’s A - Vickers Green A.

St Vincent’s A - St Gregory’s A.

St Vincent’s A - Edward Beathen A.

The B team fixtures were:

St Vincent’s B - Down manor B.

St Vincent’s B - St Gregory’s B.

St Vincent’s B - West Acton.

St Vincent’s B - Vickers Green B.

St Vincent’s B - Edward Beathen B.

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