Hockey tournament

Yasmine, 21 Feb 2018

On wednesday 21st February 2018 , a few children went to a hockey tournament .

As soon as we all got to Felsted`s hockey pitches we started to warm up . A team got together and did some parses to each other while in a circle like cutting a cake someone stood in the middle while the ball got parsed to them and that person would pass the ball to the next person and so on . B team got together and worked on some shots at goal . Soon after it was time to play are first match( this is all A teams scores ) witch we got 0-0 , next match we got 1-0 to us , next match i think we got 0-0 , next we got was 2-0 to us , next 1-0, next we got was 3 or 4-0 and are target was to win at least 2 games and we won 3 . Soon we got the results we  can 2nd but we would off came 1st only if we scored a few more goals , but we got the exact same points as the team witch came first , the points were 21 but we didn`t have time for a play off match so we had to go on who scored to most goals and that was Felsted`s team . 

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