PE forum Blog - Our values

Ashleigh and Miley, 27 Mar 2018

Today we are gong to be talking about the school game values, we hope you enjoy and, afterwards, understand what they are and why they are important.

PE forum Blog - Our values

The School Games Values are:

  • Honesty (never lie, it will bring you down and your team down).
  • Determination (never give up on yourself and you will go far in sports).
  • Self-belief (always believe in yourself).
  • Passion (have passion in the game ).
  • Respect (care for your team mates and equipment; as well, as respecting your opponents).
  • Teamwork (work with your teammates and never leave one out. #teamwork)

They are important because everyone needs to use these rules to get along and make these competitions  enjoyable .  

They should be used and seen in all sport in any level or age range! Look out for them when you're next watching an activity!

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