Champions AGAIN!

Mr ANDERSON, 30 Apr 2018

Parish win the Sports Hall Athletics Final

Champions AGAIN!


Parish Church Primary School have hit gold for the 6th time, in the annual Gainsborough Sports Hall Athletics Gainsborough area competition. The team went to The Gainsborough Academy with two other school teams to compete in events that test their running, jumping and throwing skills.

All equipment used is specially made to be used safely inside and the nine boys and nine girls in each team wore brightly coloured bibs to enable their team mates to spot them and cheer loudly as they competed!

The competition is split into two parts with running races of Obstacle, Hurdles, 1 by 1 lap, 2 by 1 lap, 6 lap Paarlauf and the 4 by 1 relay. Unique ‘Reversa’ boards are used at each end of the hall to make turning safe and give children an extra push off. Saxilby performed extremely well in these disciplines, winning lots of their heats and setting very fast times.

The other part of the competition show the field events come into play, these being Standing Long Jump, Standing Triple Jump, Ball Push, Vertical Jump, speed bounce and Soft Javelin. In these disciplines Parish set the standard, with their boys and girls taking good points. 

It was then time for the points to be added up with each child contributing to the final total. Congratulations were given to Charles Baines before the first and second place were read out. In 2nd were Saxilby and winners by only 4 points were Parish Church Primary School!

When the children had finished celebrating the competition organisers Mrs Manby from Pembroke School Sports Partnership and Synergy presented the teams with certificates and Parish with the winners’ certificates. Parish now have their fingers crossed that they have gained enough points to be invited to the Lincolnshire County Sports Hall Athletics Final.

Parish pupil Jamie Bunyan was elated that his school had won the competition. ‘I really enjoy Sports Hall athletics, you can’t be good at one event you have to be good at a number of different events. I really like the longer running races and the Standing Triple Jump. Mr Anderson has been helping us a lot in training and we are getting better and better!’

Team manager and teacher John Anderson commented that he was absolutely delighted that they had won the competition for the 6th year in a row and was very satisfied with the performance of the children. Every year brings a new set of children to train and we wonder how we will do against other schools, Saxilby’s runners were superb, but we managed to claw the points back in the field events, with some very determined performances. It is a very different competition with so many events and it is the hardest team to pick in school sport. Everybody at school is very proud of our talented children and we hope we can get to the County Final.’

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