Another Great Game From Theydon Bois!

School Games Committee, 14 Mar 2019

On 31st October, Theydon Bois played a football match against St Johns.

On Halloween night, an overwhelming football match took place at St Johns. It was a total thrasher to Theydon Bois, losing 5-2 in the game, however it still was a splendid game. It was an interesting match, said some anonymous players. We got two special interviews with very skilful players. Billy:

 “We lost but Frankie (MoM) helped us not lose 5-2”

 We wanted to say well done Billy! Frankie (MoM): 

“I felt amazing winning Man of the Match, against some rival mates”

 We wanted to say well done Frankie! Thank You Mr. Leahy.

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