Theydon Bois Primary School Year 3/4 Tag Rugby Success!

School Games Committee (Lottie, Fifi & Violet), 18 Oct 2018

Year 3 and 4 participated in a Tag Rugby Festival at Epping Upper Clapton Rugby Club on Friday 21st of September. 30 children went along and they were put into teams of 8 and played 7 matches.

Year 3/4 Tag Rugby 

Dylan from Year 4 was interviewed by Violet about the event.  

What did you like about it? I liked to run around a lot and enjoyed playing rugby with my friends. 

What place did you come? Theydon Bois Primary came 1st in three rounds. There were 7 rounds. 

Where was it? It took place in Epping Upper Clapton Rugby Club. 

How to play? You’re holding the ball, whilst running around and if you get tagged you have to pass it to a teammate. You need to get the ball over the line to score a try for your team.  

Did you have fun?  I had lots of fun. 

What did you dislike about it? There was nothing I disliked about it. The whole day was great!  

Quote from athlete Izzy: I liked it and enjoyed it very much it was a lot of fun. We played lots of matches we also did very well. 
Quote from Mrs Hazel: It was a fantastic event the children really enjoyed it. 

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