Theydon Bois Primary School Year 5/6 Dance Assembly

Lottie, 17 Dec 2018

At Theydon Bois Primary School, each year there is a set of dance assemblies from each class. It was divided into year groups, so each assembly there was a year group performing their dance. Usually, each class used the same inspiration for their dance.

Year 5/6 Dance Assembly

On Tuesday 6th November, Year 5/6 did a dance in front of the whole school. Everyone did very well and had a lot of fun. It was funny because everyone was laughing. All of the dances were based on ragtime which is a dancing style from the early 1900's  where you can be very creative. The chidlren were able to choreograph thier own sections for the dance using the moves they had leart. It was great fun! 

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