Year 1/2 Class Dances!

School Games Committee, 14 Mar 2019

At Theydon Bois Primary School, a series of dances were performed, one from each class in every year group. The year 1/2 dances consisted of Blackacre and Baldocks.

Year ½ dance festival  

Reporters:Thomas Stock and Sam Hughes

The year ½ dance festival was amazing with Blackacre and Baldocks doing weather dances and Pakes doing the gunpowder plot. All the children enjoyed doing their dance and the others enjoyed to watch. We got some incredible comments from two dancers themselves, and a viewer!

Joe from Pakes-It was so fun.
Drew from Reception-I liked to watch it!
Albert from Pakes-It was incredibly fun but I was a bit nervous to start.

by Thomas and Sam.

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