Sports leaders conference

SSO Crew, 26 Nov 2017

This blog is about a school sports committee going to Bosworth Academy sports conference

Sports leaders conference

We are the SSO Crew and it is our job to sort out events and activities for sports in school. We went to Bosworth Academy on 24.11.17 to take part in a Primary Leadership Conference.  We all took lifts to Bosworth Academy and started our first starter activities. We have to make sure we show the six values of the School Games which are Honesty, Self belief, Teamwork, Determination, Respect and Passion. As the day progressed, we went into a bit of the Academy called "The Dome!" In The Dome we did loads and loads of active activities such as stuck in the mud and traffic lights. We kept switching between The Dome and the Main Hall where we did the starter activities (half an hour on each.)We were learning different games and leadership skills that we could use when we got back to school . We had lunch at twelve and then carried on with the activities. Finally we were picked up to go back to school, but not without getting some cool t-shirts first!

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