Waverley Junior Academy vs Stradbroke Primary School Basketball Fixture

Mr Taylor, 10 Jan 2022

At the end of last half term Waverley Junior Academy had its first ever school fixture. This was brilliant to be a part of, as due to COVID and other logistics, we have been unable to take part in events of fixtures thus far.

The Year 5 'Hot Shot' team consisted of a squad of 12, made up of 6 boys and 6 girls. The way that 'Hot Shot' basketball works is a team of 4 boys play the first half, and then a team of 4 girls play the second half. 

The first game Waverley won 12-6. The second game Stradbroke won 10-6 and the final game Waverley won 8-4. Which meant that Waverley were the overall winners. 

Well done to everyone involved.