Our Successful year at West Cornforth Primary

Mr Whitelock, 17 Jun 2022

Overview of our successful year in sport.

This year at West Cornforth we have taken part, excelled and improved Sport and PE. During this post we will take a look back at some of the highlights from over the last twelve months.

Success in competitions 

During competitions we as a school have looked more and more competitive than ever before.  This has provide us with a platform to go to events hoping and expecting to finish in a high position.  Our students have been installed with a respectful but play hard mentality. During the year we have seen our students improve technically and mentally when it comes to sports, that they were already familiar in as well as new sports.  Below we have listed some of our best results:

  • Girls Football 1st Place in Ferryhills  League.
  • Girls Football 3rd Place in County Durham Go Well Shield Competition. 
  • Mixed Cricket competition 3rd Place in their group @ Newton Aycliffe. 
  • Full Year of unbeaten results in football against other schools. Yr5/6 , 3/4 and 1/2. (9 Games). 
  • Year 3/4 attended swimming all year round, seeing our students turn into competent. 
  • Attended events to learn new skills and take part in carousels such as: Dance & Gymnastics, Athletics, Cricket, KS1 alternative Sports, Tri-Golf and football Festivals. 

Making Events Inclusive Over this year every child from Reception to Class six has take part in a inter school sports Event. That's 168 children all participating in competitions, festivals and activities. Well done to all the children in these age groups for your efforts.

We have welcomed some external agencies and charities to help us at school this year, such as Spennymoor football, Mark Solan and Lyndon Longhorn. 

We have also provided a wide range of after school clubs encouraging as many of our children to attend them. Although we have other clubs on during the week we have seen huge number attending clubs such as: Dodgeball, Multi-Skills, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Cricket, Gymnastics and Dance. Our most successful club we have had this year is our Running Club. We have seen numbers as high as 75 children from all years including reception attend. We can't be anymore proud of these children. 

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